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Delivering inspiring designs, superior service & excellence since 1988

Celebration Creations is an event decorating company which specializes in creating beautiful balloon decorations for all occasions. We are committed to offering the highest quality in balloon art designs.

Over 30 years experience has made us the premier balloon decorator for New Jersey and its surrounding areas. We are industry certified and dedicated to staying abreast of the latest trends in organic balloon art and classic décor.

At Celebration Creations, our passion is working with our customers to understand and meet their celebration and special event needs by creating a visually stunning setting that is a picture perfect backdrop for any occasion.

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A Message From the Owner…

the balloon lady of new jersey, Stephanie Cofield
What can I tell you about me… if I weren’t me?

Many people call me the Balloon Lady – and it’s true.  

But I’m so much more than that.  I love people!  This fact is what compels me to use my gift of balloon decorating to make them smile. 

From potential customers, to clients,  employees, family members, friends and everyone in between, at Celebration Creations – nobody is unimportant,  I love to see the unique nature in every person I encounter. 

It’s been said that I have an uncanny knack for not only creating the vision but also casting the vision to help my staff and team members achieve their goals.  I am intentional about not only listening  to the client but truly hearing them.  By the end of your event, you will see that I am especially skilled at drawing out and creating even what you didn’t say.

My love for the beach is what brought me from the inner city of North Jersey to living in the beautiful shore area of Ocean County.  I absolutely love the beach, adventure sports and horseback riding.  I believe I work hard and so I play hard.

I am a wife and mother of 5 who loves the lord. I am dedicated to my church family and serving my community.  I am a  tomboy in designer heels but that’s what makes me  relatable to everyone from  the private party host to the high-end corporate client.  I never met a person I didn’t like, I’ve rarely had a  dream I didn’t chase.  I’ve never been given a theme I didn’t  try to create. I am consistent yet ever-changing, which keeps me in constant pursuit of new and trending designs in the balloon world. Together, we can set the tone of your event and make it  the memory of a lifetime.  

I can’t wait to meet you in person.

Stephanie Cofield, Owner
Celebration Creations, LLC

Meet The Team

~ Abby Garcia ~

Zen is the word we use when describing Abby’s vibe. But don’t let that fool you. when it comes to setting the tone for your event, it is on and popping.

Like her favorite color, red, Abby brings passion and fire to our design team.

As the lead for our Social Media department, her sense of aesthetic is both eye-catching and dramatic and her creativity knows no bounds.

She is a gifted songstress, guitarist, classically trained pianist, and quite the dancer.

Her love for the arts has made her integral in helping make Celebration Creations one of New Jersey’s most sought after balloon decorating companies.

~ Khari Harper ~

Say hello to Khari, our resident foodie and amateur chef. If vivid colors, stylish attire and a heart warming smile were money then Khari would be rich.

His witty sense of humor and flair for the dramatic keeps everyone on their toes. A die hard animal and nature lover, Khari is never lukewarm.

He’s outspoken and extremely passionate about all things green. This same passion has been a driving force in our selection of 100% biodegradable latex products in our designs.

Khari is a talented songwriter and musician. That, coupled with his recent undergrad degree in Music and the Business Industry, has helped Khari play a key role in the development of our Marketing team.

In his spare time, Khari is a gamer who especially loves playing video games with his younger brother.

~ Anna ~

Meet Anna, queen of systems and organization. She keeps our ship afloat in many ways.

Despite her strict attention to detail, Anna brings a unique sense of fun and joy to the party. A retired Upper level math teacher, Anna is more than the expected analytical type.

Her wonderful sense of humor keeps the staff laughing, making our Balloon Boutique a great place to just stop in and visit.

Her love for cooking in celebrated by the staff who can’t get enough of her homemade meatballs.

Anna is our front line person who is always happy to greet our customers and help them select the best bouquets for their event.

Customers are always open to sharing their stories with Anna as she is adept at making everyone feel her sense of joy and positive energy.

~ Kathy ~

Meet Kathy. A graduate of Fashion Institute in New York, Kathy’s skill set lies in all things creative.

She is a painter as well as a designer and brings that added touch of creativity to our team.

As a lifelong resident of Ocean County, there are few places that Kathy is not known – which makes it easy for her to stay abreast of the latest happenings around town. Her love for people and gift of gab makes guests at our balloon boutique feel extra welcomed.

We are blessed to have her join us.