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New Jersey Balloon Decorations and Corporate Event Décor

balloon arches new jersey party decorations

Balloon Arches

Designed to mark focal points or create inviting entrances indoors or outdoors, our air-filled balloon arches come with rental frames, ensuring a seamless display that leaves a lasting impression.

Balloon Bouquets

From birthdays to anniversaries, illness to celebration, our meticulously hand-designed balloon bouquets bring joy and warmth. Crafted by experts, delivered with care, these bouquets are perfect for residences, hospitals, and businesses alike.


Balloon backdrops are the ultimate way to infuse your event with color, fun, and style. Perfect for capturing attention, establishing vibrant color themes, and setting the mood at any occasion.

Ceiling Decor

Balloon ceiling décor elevates your celebration by transforming event spaces into captivating realms of creativity. From crafting whimsical clouds to suspending playful airplanes and filling entire ceilings with helium balloons, the possibilities are boundless.


Fully customizable in quantity, size, and color, our balloon centerpieces are tailored to your event’s unique vision and budget. They are the perfect addition to your party tables, creating a captivating atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.


Balloon Columns are vertical installations that make a captivating statement at any event. These dynamic decorations bring vivid colors and patterns while efficiently utilizing vertical real estate. Enhance your theme without taking up excessive space.

Dance Floor Decor

Turn an ordinary dance floor into a captivating stage for unforgettable moments. Our designs set the mood, style, and theme for your dance floor. From playful balloon arches to elegant columns, our dance floor décor adds a touch of magic to every step.


For a fusion of fun and style, turn ordinary photo moments into extraordinary memories. These frames are interactive and captivating additions to any event. Our photo frames encourage guests to snap selfies and pictures, perfect for both indoor and outdoor photo sessions.

Balloon Marquees

From small gatherings to grand affairs, these air-filled balloon marquees stand as a testament to creative versatility and handcrafted excellence. Each balloon is carefully selected, forming tiers of cascading beauty that leave a unique and unforgettable mark on your celebrations.

Sculptures & Logos

Imagination takes shape and creativity knows no bounds. From captivating table décor to grand statement pieces, our sculptures are an artful fusion of balloon design and artistic expression. We believe in the power of unique ideas, allowing your vision to become a custom-made reality.

Balloon Walls

Balloon walls are picturesque backdrops for photographs, adding an element of elegance and creativity to any event. Securely installed with precision, they stand alone as a statement piece or complement other décor. Our custom-crafted balloon walls are designed to fit your unique vision.

Yard Decor

Balloon yard décor transforms your outdoor space into a vibrant celebration zone. With a wide range of creative options, we add a touch of whimsy and magic to your open-air events. From poolside gatherings to backyard parties, our balloon yard décor is nothing short of spectacular.

Discover the Perfect Touch for Private Parties and Corporate Events

At Celebration Creations, we take pride in creating the finest balloon decorations that add wonder and elegance to your private parties and special events. With so many options to suit a variety of preferences, your celebration becomes an unforgettable experience.

Private party hosts can choose from an extensive selection of traditional designs, including spiral arches, eye-catching columns, and captivating helium centerpieces. Our expertise extends to creating grand corporate balloon décor as well with stunning balloon wall displays, organic garlands, and graceful swags.

We’ve mastered the art of seamlessly integrating balloons into both indoor and outdoor settings, infusing every event with a touch of brilliance.

From Private Parties to Corporate Events to Surprise Hotel Balloon Decorations!

Our décor isn’t limited to private parties; it perfectly complements non-profit and corporate events as well. Benefit walks, fundraisers, grand openings, sales promotions, product launches, and employee recognition events are elevated with our tailored creations.

surprise NJ hotel balloon decorations

Make the celebration unforgettable with surprise NJ hotel balloon decoration setups!

Hotel room decor has never been easier to find and surprise your loved on with our surprise set up balloon packages. Whether its a birthday surprise hotel celebration in New Jersey or a anniversary surprise, our balloon decor makes decorating a hotel room fast, easy and simple!

With plenty of hotel room decoration in New Jersey options available, our packages are designed to fit any hotel room or suite in style. With customization available, foil letter balloons, themed balloons and floral petals, it’s easy to add a big surprise to your stay. For Valentine’s Day or a loved one’s anniversary we offer hotel services that are beautifully and easy to use.

At Celebration Creations, every piece of work is meticulously handcrafted with your vision in mind. We’re excited to collaborate with you to transform your ideas into reality and bring your event to life.

New Jersey balloon décor services Make Your Event Shine

Our team of artistic balloon decorators specialize in turning spaces into magical wonderlands using the enchanting medium of balloons. Whether you’re aiming to create a captivating entrance, an intimate sweetheart table, or a dynamic dance floor, our bespoke balloon creations are poised to leave your guests spellbound.

Let Celebration Creations be the brush that paints your event with elegance, joy, and artistry. Contact us today to discuss your vision and allow us to bring our balloons to your occasion. Your celebration is our canvas, and together, we’ll create an unforgettable masterpiece.

Elevate Your Event with Optional Enhancements

Beyond balloons, we offer a range of enhancements and special effects that elevate your décor to a whole new level. Our options encompass elegant fabrics, draping, and lights, all designed to enhance the ambiance and captivate your guests.

Call 732-378-9922 or Contact Us For pricing, quotes, or questions about
New Jersey Balloon Decorations and Corporate Event Décor.