Outdoor Balloon Yard Décor in New Jersey

Balloon Decorations for Your Open-Air Events

At Celebration Creations, we understand that outdoor events are all about making a statement, and our Outdoor Balloon Yard Décor in New Jersey does just that! Whether you’re celebrating by the pool or in your yard, we offer a range of creative décor options that add a touch of balloon magic to your outdoor festivities.

The Trend of Outdoor Décor

Outdoor events are the current trend, and balloons are a must-have. We’ve got you covered with multiple décor options specifically designed for outdoor occasions. Nearly our entire balloon décor range can transition seamlessly from indoor to outdoor settings, with just a few considerations.

Guidelines for Outdoor Décor

To ensure your outdoor décor looks its best, remember these important guidelines:

  • Watch the Sun: Heat and direct sunlight can affect balloons, causing them to oxidize or pop more quickly. Oxidation gives balloons a matte finish. For longer-lasting décor, keep it shaded under a tent or canopy, away from direct sunlight.
  • Choose Light Colors: If using latex balloons, opt for lighter colors like whites and matte shades as they fare better in the sun than darker hues.
  • Wind and Rain: Wind can disrupt displays if not secured properly, and rain can make helium balloons sink. For outdoor events, air-filled designs are recommended, unless you’re certain about the weather.
  • Cold Weather: While heat is a concern, cold weather can cause foil or Mylar balloons to deflate faster. So, choose these options for outdoor events, especially in cooler temperatures.
  • Event Location: Confirm that your event location allows outdoor balloons before proceeding with the décor plans.
  • Helium Release: Never release helium-filled balloons into the air to protect the environment and comply with local regulations.

We want your balloons to shine, so we recommend following these guidelines to ensure your outdoor décor delights and lasts as long as possible. At Celebration Creations, we’re committed to bringing your vision to life while keeping the balloons looking their best, so your celebration is truly unforgettable.

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