Corporate Events That Are Perfect For Balloon Decorations

Why Choose Balloon Decorations for Corporate Events? There are many reasons why businesses should consider using balloon decorations for their corporate events. Firstly, balloons are budget-friendly, making them a great option for companies looking to cut costs without compromising on quality. Unlike other decorative elements that can be expensive and require a lot of planning, … Read more

Press: Manahawkin balloon business Celebration Creations makes inflation a good thing

Following her graduation from Towson University in Towson, Maryland, with a degree in business, Cofield-Mixon began working in the accounting department at Secaucus-based furniture store Scandinavian Gallery, where she rose to the position of operations manager. “That company loved to throw parties for their staff and I and another colleague used to plan them, which … Read more

Balloon Decorations for Graduation Parties and Decision Day Events

Planning Your Balloon Decor Decorating with balloons for a graduation party or Decision Day event requires thoughtful planning to ensure the decor not only looks fantastic but is also aligned with the celebration’s theme and safe for the environment. Here are some tips for planning your balloon decorations, from selecting a theme to understanding balloon … Read more

PRESS: Balloon Artist Goes Big

Original Story Posted Here: Balloon Artist Goes Big Balloon artist Stephanie Cofield-Mixon of Celebration Creations and the Balloon Boutique in Manahawkin was one of 80 selected out of hundreds of applicants for the annual Big Balloon Build in northern Indiana. Cofield-Mixon has been selected for the second time to join a team of the world’s … Read more

Celebration Creations’ Stephanie Cofield-Mixon Set to Bring Balloon Creativity and Expertise to Indiana Charity Event

Stephanie’s Passion for Balloon Artistry and Giving Back For Stephanie, this opportunity is a chance to combine her love for balloon artistry with her commitment to giving back to the community. As the owner of Celebration Creations, a balloon decorating company established in 1989, she has been bringing joy and wonder to events for over … Read more

Empowering Future Entrepreneurs at Barnegat High School During Black History Month

At Celebration Creations, we believe in giving back to our community and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. This February, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the Entrepreneurship class at Barnegat High School during Black History Month. Stephanie Cofield, owner of Celebration Creations, was invited to share her business journey and insights with … Read more

Balloon Decor at Red, White & Brew Fest 2024!

Revolutionary Decor For this special occasion, our team crafted unique and custom balloon decorations that captured the spirit of the event. One of our standout creations was a larger-than-life beer stein, overflowing with organic foam, entirely made of balloons! This eye-catching centerpiece added exciting focal points and festivity to the event, paying homage to the … Read more

Celebrate Easter with A Balloon Buddy Gift!

Festive Fillings: Adding a Special Touch What makes Balloon Buddies even more exciting is the ability to customize them with festive fillings. Before inflation, these balloons can be filled with treats, candies, Easter grass, flowers, or ornaments, making them not just visually appealing but also a delightful surprise for the recipient. The added touch of … Read more

Podcast Interview: Stephanie Cofield’s Thriving Balloon Artistry Business and NJ Retail Storefront

Seasonal Delights and Unique Offerings In the podcast, Stephanie highlights Celebration Creations’ latest offerings, perfectly timed for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday and beyond. With the recent launch of their online store, customers can explore a range of creative options. Trendy balloon garlands take center stage, providing an affordable and stylish way to enhance home … Read more