Sweet Sixteen Twin Birthday Party Balloon Decorations

One Party, Double the Fun!

Three minutes is all that separates the birth of these twins, Maddie and Mia, but that was just enough time to create two very distinct personalities.

Born on December 18, Mia is a glamour girl through and through, loving all things bling and fashion.

On the flip side, her sister Maddie is more of the quiet type but still colorful in her own right, expressing herself through her paintings and digital art.

We were so pleased to create these towering table-top balloon topiary centerpieces, and numbered floor columns for their Sweet 16.

They chose Calloway’s Restaurant, located in Eagleswood Township NJ – well known for their tall ceilings and beautiful picture windows which paired with our balloon decor made for an incredible party atmosphere. Calloway’s has been the scene of many Sweet 16s this year so you should check them out for your next event.

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