Selfie Stations Collaboration At A Virginia Mall

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with 2 other balloon decorators, Sapphire Balloons from NJ and Moore’s Balloon Decor from Fredericksburg Virginia, to help create fun Selfie-stations that were featured in a local mall in Virginia.

In September we celebrated International Balloon Month

September has been designated as International Balloon Month by the International Balloon Association (IBA)! This fun month-long event raises awareness of balloons’ use in the floral, party products, and events industries.

Since 2010, International Balloon Month reminds us to treasure the little things in life that make us happy. We are inspired to appreciate things like getting a bouquet of cheerful balloons for our birthday, sending a friend who is sick cheery get-well balloons, or showing gratitude to staff with a cheerful balloon arrangement. These actions may appear insignificant, but they form lasting memories.

Fundraising for the IBA Foundation

This was a perfect opportunity to create a Balloon Extravaganza and raise money for The Isaiah Benjamin Aronoff Foundation. This foundation was created in honor of Stacy Moore’s late son Isaiah and provides college scholarships to C-Level student athletes (just as Isaiah was). Isaiah was a promising young student athlete who lost his life due to a vehicle crash just before he had the opportunity to start college in Petersburg, VA.

balloon backdrop foundation fundraiser

In addition, the fund sends 4 care packages per year to an average of 50 students. Money raised during this event helps to cover the cost of the care packages.

We created a variety of Selfie stations ranging in themes from Barbie, to Halloween, Neon Party balloon walls, Sports, Royal photo frames, and of course a special balloon backdrop honoring Isaiah.

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